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Connect with one of IUP's faculty librarians to get one-on-one help with your library research. Every librarian specializes in one or more areas of our library collections (including books, electronic resources, and more), and will help you find the library materials you need to succeed. 

Review the different subject area specialties to find the person who can best help you, and then follow the steps below to make an appointment!

Maria Barefoot

Communications Media (incl. Doctoral), Economics

Carrie Bishop

Culinary Program, Pan-African Studies, Regional Campus Libraris

Chris Clouser

Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geoscience, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology


Carol Connell

Criminology (incl. Doctoral), English, English - Composition & TESOL, English - Literature & Criticism, Journalism, Kinesiology, Health & Sport Science, Theater & Dance

Susan Drummond

Administration & Leadership (Sociology), Anthropology, Sociology

For Appointments
Phone: 724-357-4479

Kelly Heider

Administration & Leadership (Education), Adult & Community Education, Counselor Education, Curriculum & Instruction (Doctoral), Developmental Studies, Educational Psychology (incl. Doctoral), Professional Studies in Education, Special Education, Student Affairs in Higher Education

Sandy Janicki

Food & Nutrition, Hospitality Management, Human Development & Environmental Studies, Nursing (incl. Doctoral), Safety Science (incl. Doctoral)

Theresa McDevitt

History, Religious Studies, Women's Studies

Sara Parme

Accounting, Finance & Legal Studies, Information System and Decision Science (MIS), Management, Marketing

Carl Rahkonen

Music, Fine Arts

Harrison Wick

Employment & Labor Relations, Geography & Regional Planning, Special Collections